Miscellaneous Ramblings – 1/28/2008

Three Days Left To Enter Affiliate Summit Contest

Only three days remain before I announce the winner of the Affiliate Summit West contest. Two winners will win a $199 show floor pass and one winner will win a $1,449 full conference pass. All winners will join me at the ShareASale party on Sunday February 24. If you haven’t entered, you still have some time left.

Tickets to the Affiliate Summit are 80% sold out. If you’re thinking of attending this very important trade event and haven’t purchased tickets yet, better hurry before they’re all gone.

Want To Make Your Blog Look Like Digg?

Garry Conn has created his first WordPress theme and it’s interesting to the say the least. If you love Digg so much that you want to make you blog look like them, then the DigSEM theme is for you! Each post has their own Digg button so you can Digg it up or down.

Question to Ask Before Your Freelance

Thinking of doing some freelance writing for other blogs? Then you’ll want to check out this post by super freelance whore, Michael Kwan. Kwan takes on a lot of questions new freelancers will need to answer before entering the field.

Big Bloggers, Bad Grammar

Internet Babel has posted a little rant about the poor use of grammar among the big blogs. Nick let me off lightly by saying English is not my first language but criticized Shoemony for being openly sloppy. Shoe’s answer was, “Grammar has never been my thing and I have never kared to really learn it.”

Google Going Into Paid Reviews?

Shoemoney received an emailed from an unconfirmed source claiming that Google will be testing a paid review service within the next couple months. If anyone else posted this, I would have said it was linkbait. Then again, it still might be.

Sally Learns To Brush Her Teeth

I think she enjoyed it. Hopefully, this will be the start of a good brushing habit. I just need to teach her to use the brittle side only.

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth