Miscellaneous Ramblings – 12/17/2007

Meet Me In Seattle

I will be in Seattle this Wednesday to take care of some business. If any readers want to meet up, I’ll be hanging at Ralph’s Grocery & Deli for the Seattle blogger meetup from 7PM till about 10PM. The address is 2035 4th Ave, Seattle , WA 98121.

I don’t know how many readers I have in Seattle but it’ll be cool to meet one or two.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

After making my post about Agloco entering the dead pool, I figure everyone would understand that entering a dead pool means the company is going under. However, that didn’t stop four people from signing up. As a matter of fact, since entering the dead pool, my AGLOCO network has increased by 194 members. Hmmm.

Get a Free Zac Johnson T Shirt

Zac Johnson is looking pretty spiffy in his new theme. He also has a new T Shirt to go with it. Not only is Zac sending me a free shirt, he wants to send you a free shirt as well. To get a free Zac T, all you have to do is get on his Top Spots. What is that? Go here to find out.

Facebook is MySpace with ADD

Source: TechCrunch

Get a Piece of The Cow


The cow has offered his “Milk it” theme to the world. If you want to copy a blog that was a copy of me, then step right and get milked! The theme comes in three versions.

  • The Basic version at $39 – comes with two links in the footer that you’re not allowed to remove.
  • The Premium version at $59 – premium makes the footer links go *poOf!* and gives you the choice of 3 different color schemes to choose from.
  • The Personalized version at $79 – If you want to get a cool customized header* with the package, this is the version you’re looking for.

If I was the cow, I would do what Shoemoney did and offer up some nice Nebraska beef. I’m hungry now.