Midnight Madness At Ikea

Midnight Madness at Ikea

Yesterday I attended an Ikea “Midnight Madness” sale. Madness was a good word for it. At every hour a few items would go on sale at a major discount. And the sale price would be in effect until midnight or until the product was sold out. Some of the great deals in include a hamper for 99 cents (regular price was $4.99), a book case for $19.99 that sold normally for $49.99, a chest of draw for $99.00 (normal price: $249.00), etc. As you might expect, prices like these tends to make people go mad and they did just that as the line up for some items were crazy. The above photo shows people lining up to check out. If you don’t see any cashiers, it’s because they’re around the corner, 100 feet away.

The line up for the check out created a great opportunity for Ikea to cash in on their Bistro, which also had a huge line up of people trying to buy 75 cent ice cream and hot dogs. Nothing like lining up for a hot dog so you can have something to eat while you’re lining up to check out.

Overall, I believe we spent about $500 during this midnight madness sale. We got most of the stuff we wanted, except for the bookcase which sold out in 10 minutes. At the check out I asked the cashier how her night was going. She replied “Super busy! I ran over $10,000 through my till in the last hour.” I then asked her “How much did you make in the last hour?”