Merry Christmas from Neverblue Ads

Gifts from Neverblue

You can tell the holiday season is among us when the gifts start arriving. First out the gate is Neverblue Ads. They were nice enough to send a care package with a nice Neverblue bathrobe, Neverblue stocking sock and some other stuff.

The bathrobe is made by Caulfeild and it’s call the Ultimate. I’m not so sure about the name but the robe is very comfortable. I believe Neverblue is sending bathrobes to all their top affiliates. I know Shoe got one.

Neverblue Ads is a Victoria based affiliate network that also sponsored the monthly Meetup 202 event in Vancouver. They’re a great bunch of people to work with and I’m looking forward to partying with them at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas next month. Many Christmas Neverblue, and thanks for the presents!

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