Mercedes EQXX – Most Efficient EV In The World

This is the new Mercedes Vision EQXX and it’s Mercedes’s attempt at making the most efficient EV in the world.

It has a 100kwh battery like the Tesla Model S, but it will travel 620 miles (1000km) on a single charge compare to 405 mile for the Tesla Model S.

It achieves this with a super slippery design. Drag is just 0.17 (better than a football but way higher than a penguin). It’s also light for an EV at 3,858 lbs (1750kg). Its 100kwh battery pack is 111 lbs lighter than Tesla’s current 100kwh battery (1091 lbs vs 1200 lbs). Its tires are super low rolling resistance. It uses Tesla heat pump technology. It has a solar roof that could add 15 miles (25km) of range on an ideal sunny day.

It sounds all great until we get to the true reason it has such a long range. Its single RWD motor makes only 201 hp (Tesla Model S has over 1000 hp). You’ll be setting range records, but no speed records.

I’m sure someone is going to film a porno inside and title it EQXXX.