Meeting The Other John Chows

Let’s face it, when the Internet thinks of John Chow, they think of me. I dominate the first few dozen pages on Google for my name. A search of Google images will show pages after pages of me. Of course there are other John Chows in this world, but it’s quite obvious that I’m the only John Chow that matters! ๐Ÿ˜€

To show that I’m not all about me, I decided to seek out other John Chows from Google’s search results. I had to go very deep into Google’s search to find them, but I managed to uncover two John Chows that are worth posting about.

John Chow – The Yo-Yo King

This John Chow hails from Cupertino, California and started yo-yoing at the beginning of 2004 and was not a quick learner. Even with constant practice, at the end of one year, he was still struggling with tricks. However, he kept at it (John Chow doesn’t quit!) and by the end of 2007, he had been accepted into the YoYoFactory Team. John proved that he could compete by placing 5th at the 2008 National Yo-Yo contest and 6th at 2009 Nationals.

John Chow – The Pimp Daddy

I thought I was the pimp daddy until I found this John Chow. Together with his brother Michael, John Chow is cofounder of the Chow Group, a New Zealand real estate development company that is planning to build a 10-storey super-brothel on a prime inner-city site once occupied by the historic Palace Hotel.

Following a deal with the publishers of Penthouse Magazine, two floors of the building will be occupied by a Penthouse Club – where adult performances by models will “bring the magazine to life”. John Chow and his Chow Group have secured the Australasian rights to operate Penthouse Clubs, and the new Auckland club would be the first in the Asia-Pacific region.

As you might expect, John is meeting with some resistances from the locals. However, his name is John Chow so I’m sure he’ll be able to offer enough lap dances to enough government officials to get that super-brothel up and running super-fast!

I’m sure there are other noteworthy John Chows out there. If your name is John Chow and you think you got what it takes to be on John Chow dot Com, then send me an email and tell me your story.