Meet Me In Vancouver This Weekend

I should be in relaxing in the sun in Puerto Vallarta right now. Instead, I’m freezing my butt off in Vancouver. A family event required me to cancel my trip to Mexico and head home to the great white north.

At first, I was thinking of flying from Orange Country to Puerto Vallarta for two days. Then fly from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver for a day for the family event. Then fly back down to Puerto Vallarta. Then I concluded that would be too much flying and decided to just do a long weekend in Vancouver.

I’ll be doing a Dot Com Lunch this Saturday. I invite all my Vancouver readers to come out and join me. The information is at the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup group. I hope to see you there! I’m also hosting an Art of SEO webinar next Thursday with Stephan Spencer. Make sure you register for that.

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