Maximizing YouTube Videos is amazing to promote your blog and content. It has been used by millions to generate niche relevant traffic to their blog and even generate money. does pay when views hit a certain threshold, however, the EXACT value is known to me. What I can tell you is can be amazing to drive traffic and maximize your results. For those of you new to YouTube, you should take some time and learn what’s important, however, it doesn’t take much because of the resources available to you. If you are serious about blogging and building a brand, videos are definitely important. I believe they are the best to engage readers while building brand awareness because they resonate with everyone all over the world.

I’ve created this two part series to explore how YouTube can be used to maximize your potential, but it’s important you have some of the fundamentals down.

Let’s explore the following:

  • Views
  • Description
  • Comments


This is something that is very true and should not be avoided. Becoming popular on YouTube is distinguished by views and they have to be legitimate. YouTube will rank your videos depending on the amount of views you are getting because it gives them a good idea of the quality. The longer the audience watches your video, the more value it must be providing…right? However, it’s important not to invest any money in buying views because they are NOT relevant and the likelihood of them watching for a long period of time is very slim.

To achieve this without any issues, I encourage all of you to take the time and create something special from the start. There is no substitute for quality, even if you publish after 2 months.


Just like when doing SEO on your content pages, it’s important to optimize your videos, too, because this will help you rank within YouTube. They provide you with a description area, which will allow you to put a couple of hundred words together and it’s important you make them as targeted as possible. You want to make sure you include your target keywords within your title and description. YouTube also allows you to link out from this section to any URL and I would encourage you to link to your website.

The good news is, you have several resources available to you to do the right type of research. For example, keyword research is the most important and you can use tools like Keyword Planner to perform research. However, I recommend you pay close attention to your competitors because you can learn a lot from them. They have been in the industry for a while and have done all the research, so you can collect a lot of data from them.

Comments or Votes

Comments have been huge for bloggers because they provide a lot of information. You can get feedback or even content ideas from what others have to say. However, YouTube uses them as a ranking factor by understanding that votes and comments mean value. The more value your video provides, the higher the votes and interaction among users, which are all good signs.

What can you do on your part?

Make sure you reply to comments just like you would on your personal blogs. This will help people understand what your video is about if they have trouble. This will also encourage people to vote up, which is very important to maximize your video and increase rankings. However,

Never ask people for votes because YouTube will catch on to this and ban your video or account from their platform. There is NO substitute for value.

In part 2, we’ll be going over some other elements that are important to build and maximize your videos.

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