Massive In Name Only


We’re here at the Massive Technology Show at the beautiful Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. This the first time the show is being held here. Last year it was held at Science World. The Massive Tech show is massive in name only. This show barely takes up half of the Vancouver convention centre display space. You can see all the exhibits in 20 minutes. The Massive Tech Show promises to:

  • Take the “geek” out of technology to empower the everyday user
  • Provide businesses of all sizes with the tools to operate more efficiently, build stronger relationships, and increase profits

The show features a bunch of speakers talking about all things technology and how it can help improve your business. We sat in on the “Blogging for Business” keynote. What waste of an hour. The show floor is filled with companies that want to help you improve your business by selling you their services. Most wouldn’t know what tech is if it came up and bit them on the butt.

There is a gala party tonight at Century House Restaurant & Bar. Unlike the parties I throw in Las Vegas, the bar is not open so you have to pay for your own drinks. Forget that! Oh well, at least we got a video of me testing a Segway. The thing is actually pretty cool. I may buy one.