Massive Computex Taipei Coverage

Man, I’ve never posted this much coverage of a trade show before. Normally attending a trade show is good for a couple of articles but I have managed to post 11 articles about Computex Taipei. That’s a new record for me and it has done wonders for The TechZone’s traffic.

Tech sites are highly competitive today. In the past I use attend a trade show and then write about it after I get back home. You can’t do that today – there are simply too many sites out there posting coverage during the show. If you wait to write your stuff when you get home, your stuff is old news and people have lost interest.

This writing content during the show cuts into the party time so you have to do good time management or you’ll never be able to join the fun. That normally means very little sleep, and I didn’t get much more than 4 hours a day during the week I was in Taipei. It was worth it however. I managed to get coverage up and party like a rock star! 😀