Marketing Tips That Help Win Customers

To create a buzz, you have to get your content noticed and in front of people. You can write some of the best content online but if you don’t have any effective channels to market, then it’s not going to do any good to anyone. Because the web is so huge, there are many channels that have been created to effectively organize the information. For example, search engines, social media, PPC marketing, PPV, banners, directories, etc., are all effective content marketing strategies. You just need to know how to tweak your marketing so it continues to be profitable and engaging to your readers.

I’ve decided to create this new series, where I’ll outline some of the best marketing strategies to engage your visitors and increase blog growth. It’s important when you use these strategies that you give each of them a try and tweak along the way for optimal results. Here are the first two awesome marketing tips that will help win customers.

Always Help Visitors

To market and win your customers, it’s important to create content that is NOT only engaging, but also solves a common problem within your niche. I’ve read a lot of content online and can honestly say from experience that content that provides a complete solution is truly the best. When you publish content that solves a common problem, it works as a chain effect because NOT only does it get engagement from the initial visitor, but once it’s shared it can also drive enormous referral traffic. However, I see bloggers who are just starting out make the simple mistake of NOT taking care of their visitors. They’ll start a blog and start worrying about generating income, but forget about their blog’s purpose. The purpose should be to always help the visitor, not worrying about getting the initial sale. Next,

Once you build that credibility with your readership, you can then start to incorporate product reviews into your content. The fact that you now have loyal readers will help convert them into loyal customers, generating profits. Keep these simple rules in mind when writing content next time…

  • Always solve a common problem in your niche.
  • Make sure it’s an in-depth solution.
  • Write content better than your competitors.
  • Keep it engaging.
  • Always reply to comments, helping your visitors

Know Your Audience

To win your customers, you need to market to the right type of people. This means you have to know your audience so you can write content they find appealing and engage with. As a matter of fact, when I mentor people when they’re starting a blog, this is the first lesson I teach them. I tell that them before they can design a blog and start writing content, it’s important they know who they are writing for. Knowing your audience will guide your research, content writing, and marketing channels. I often get asked the question: How can I find my audience? I usually offer the following tips…

Your competition –

One of the best ways to find your audience is by checking out your competitor’s profiles. The fact they are your competitors means you’re going to have the same audience as them. Using and is a great way to find out some facts about the audience like: age, geo-location, gender, education, and browsing location.

Social Profiles –

Did you know checking the social profile of your competitors is a great way to find out about your audience? For example, if I’m writing content on “link building”, and my niche is “SEO”, then checking my competitor’s social profile can provide a lot of information. By visiting their profile, I can find….

  • Their profession
  • Visit their blogs to find out what type of content they write and will like to read
  • Where they are located
  • What #hashtags they use often when sharing

All this information is a summary of my audience and I can use it to my advantage when writing content.

Engagement on My Blog –

If you’ve been blogging for several years, then you’ve published content before and can leverage it to find out more about your audience. Over several months, some content will resonate with your readers much more than others and it’s important to pay close attention to the following signals….

  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Social shares
  • Keywords (Google Analytics)
  • Landing pages (Google Analytics)

Much of this information can be found on your blog, but some of it will need to be located through your Google Analytics account. It’s important when looking over your content, that you look for high social shares compared to others and where people are leaving most of the comments. By doing this, you’re finding out what type of content your readers prefer and can create this type of content going forward. Next,

Writing content popular with your audience will increase social engagement, ROI, conversions, traffic, etc.

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