Market Leverage Sends Singing Ape To Sing Happy Birthday

Any readers who follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page will know that today is my birthday. I generally don’t make a big deal out of birthdays because I feel that once you’ve passed the age of 21, you should stop celebrating it.

After a certain age, birthdays just reminds you of how old you’re getting. However, I feel that you should resume the birthday celebration once you reach the age of 80. I figure if you can make that far, you should celebrate. If you make it to 100, you should celebrate every month and if you made it to 120, everyday.

It was really nice receiving all the Happy Birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook. However, Market Leverage decided to go one better. All the way from Orlando, Dina managed to arrange a singing ape to deliver a cake and a custom written birthday song to my house in Vancouver. It may not have been the Macbook Pro I asked for but it’s like the next best thing! Thank Market Leverage and everyone for making this birthday one of the most memorable.