Making Money with PicApp Custom Photo Gallery

We first looked at PicApp back in November 2009 and then again in December. Since then, PicApp has been a very busy beaver. PicApp is a website where you can search for all sorts of premium licensed photos. The kicker is that you can freely embed any of these pictures, which come from sources like Getty Images and Jupiter Images, on your website or blog without any concern for copyright infringement. It’s all free for you to use. Now, PicApp has kicked it up a notch by offering a customizable photo gallery that you can make money on.

PicApp Customizable Photo Gallery

The new customizable Photo Gallery makes it easy for bloggers to have the best content and images for their blogs. The galleries are fully customizable and advertiser-friendly. Advantage for bloggers running the customizable galleries include:

  • Images are updated, real-time from Picapp’s content feed.
  • The Photo gallery is designed to match your site’s look and feel. It is also customizable in terms of the elements on the page.
  • Increased traffic – Every image that your user is browsing – is another page view for you!
  • Increased user engagement – Images are known to be a great engaging tool for users. Sharing and community features, which are part of the Photo Gallery further increase user engagement.
  • Supper easy to get up and running- the Publisher simply register and install a onetime code and we do the rest, create the customized photo gallery, tags etc.

Custom Gallery

The Customizable Photo Galleries are available to blogs with 100,000 Unique visitors per month or more. If that’s you and you’re interested in adding a custom photo gallery to your blog, contact PicApp at

Make Money Online with PicApp Media Discovery Network

Shortly after launching the Customizable Photo Gallery, Picapp launched the Picapp Media Discovery Network.

In addition to providing access to millions of free images, updated hourly, we are now launching the PicAapp Media Discovery Network – a revenue share program that lets you earn revenue from using our images on your site. Earlier this month we unveil our newest product—The Customizable Photo Gallery, qualified publisher who are part of the Picapp Media Discovery Network will enjoy the functionality of our customized photo gallery plus a share of ad revenue earned on the photo gallery page.

So, in short – we create the customized Photo Gallery for you, manage the ads on the Photo Gallery; you earn the increased traffic and a share of the ad revenue on the Photo Gallery. In other words – we will do all the hard work and you will enjoy the fruits. It’s almost like being paid to eat chocolate…

Overall, this is pretty kick ass. Not only can you put premium licensed photos on your blog for free but if your blog qualifies, PiccAapp will build you a custom photo gallery and give you a share of any money the gallery makes.

Right now, your blog need to have more than 100,000 uniques per month in order to join the PicApp Media Discovery Network. However, that requirement should go down as the network gets developed and fine tuned.

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