Making Money With An E Book

The Make Money Online E Book download has been going gangbusters. Right now, the blog is using an average of three Mbit per second of bandwidth. Good thing I move the blog to its own server!

Since uploading the E Book last night I have uploaded a few revisions. The revised book is the same but corrected some spelling/grammar mistakes and updated some numbers. The information is still the same. You have the latest copy if the date on the cover is 5/29/2007. If your copy has a date before that, then you should download the latest copy.

Using An E Book To Drive Traffic & Make Money Online

I want to talk a bit more about how using an E Book can not only drive traffic, but can make money even if you sell it for nothing. My main purpose with the E Book is to drive traffic to this blog and has the blog make money from that traffic. By making it free without even the need to enter an email address, I achieve massive distribution for the book. I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading the book will visit this blog and I am looking forward to seeing the traffic numbers in the coming weeks.

In addition to being a traffic generator, the E Book is also a moneymaker in its own right. The recommended moneymakers in chapter two links to various ad networks using my affiliate links. In the long run, this could prove more lucrative then selling the E Book for $97. Putting affiliate links in an E Book is nothing new. It’s done all the time. However, most E Book marketers see affiliate links are gravy money because the main income is made with the E Book sale.

Looking At The Numbers

Assuming I sold the E Book for $97 I might get 15 sales. This is based on the number of E Book sales I managed to get for Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. Making $1,455 isn’t bad but it would mean almost zero affiliate income because there simply isn’t enough numbers to produce any meaningful result. Even if I can get 25% conversion, it would mean four people would sign up for an affiliate deal. This is where E Book marketers go for the up sell – they’ll sucker those four into buying the $997 “reveal all” package.

By giving the E Book away, I achieve thousands of downloads. Assuming the same 25% affiliate conversion, it would mean 250 out of every 1000 would sign up for one of those network listed in chapter two. Text Link Ads pays $25 for signing up a new affiliate. Multiply that by 250 and we have a serious moneymaker on our hands. Whether or not the E Book achieves 25% conversion remains to be seen, but even if only 5% convert, it’ll still do well.

I put this book together in less than one day because all the content was already created. An E Book is a great way to repackage old blog content. All I had to do was update some of the posts and I have a brand new product to offer. I doubt this will be my last E Book.

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