Making Money Making Friends At The Performance Marketing Expo

I will be at the Performance Marketing Expo next week to make money and friends. Actually, Making Money Making Friends is the title of the panel session that I’ll be holding with Murray Newlands, Ian Fernando and Eric Schechter. The session is on Wednesday, September 29th at 11:45am at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach. Zac Johnson and many others will also be speaking there as well. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to Miami and this is as good as any.

Want To Join Me? Here’s A 50% Coupon

If you’re looking for a tax deductible way to check out the sites and sounds of Miami Beach, then attending the Performance Marketing Expo is your ticket. And I can get you that ticket at a 50% discount!

Register for the Performance Marketing Expo and use coupon code PMEFIFTY to slash the price in half. Then head over to our PME Keynote Panel Session Facebook page and add yourself to the attendee list. Let’s party at the beach! I’ll see you in Miami.