Make Money With AGLOCO Update

Here’s a little update on my AllAdvantage 2.0 – Get Paid To Surf The Net post. I received quite a few questions about it so I figure I’ll answer them here.

You should get an auto email once you sign up. If you don’t then check your spam folder. Chances are it’s in there. This has happen to quite a few people already.

The Viewbar is currently in limited beta testing. Once final testing is completed, it will be made available for all Members to download. The Beta testers are all volunteers and are not earning any revenue for trying out the system.

In the meantime, you as an early Member can continue to recruit new Members and start building out your network. As an early Member, you have the best chance to recruit your friends since they will not yet know about it. As the AGLOCO Membership expands some of your friends will sign up under other people and no longer be able to be recruited. So seize this ground floor opportunity to build your network up.

The best way to sign people up is to embed your affiliate ID into the URL. For example, is my URL. Just replace the BBBB0743 with your ID and you’ll get credit for all sign ups from your link. This is much better than sending an affiliate to AGLOCO and asking them to enter your ID into the referral box. When you embed your ID into the URL, there is no referral box to fill out.

Get Paid To Surf The Net!This page has already created a few AGLOCO buttons and banners for you to add to your website or blog. You can link these banners direct to your AGLOCO sign up page or link them to your blog entry about the AGLOCO service.

I think it would be best to link it to your blog post because the sign up page doesn’t tell much. Your blog post is what will get people to sing up. I am linking the button to the sign up page here because it’s part of this post.