Make Money Online – Working Smart Vs. Working Hard

How many times have you heard that success requires hard work? Many people say I am successful because I work very hard. However, let’s look at what I really do and see if this is true.

I drive a $100,000 sports car while talking in front of a video camera. Is that hard work? I don’t think so. I also sit on a $1,600 Herman Miller Embody chair and tap some keys on a keyboard. Is that hard work? Is must be. Otherwise, I wouldn’t need such an awesome chair!

Working Hard Vs. Working Smart

I don’t believe that hard work is a key requirement for success. Instead of working hard, I believe in working smart. How is working smart different than working hard? Here are just a few examples.

  • Working hard is going door to door to sell encyclopedias. Working smart is setting up a Facebook Ad targeting families with school age kids.
  • Working hard is selling one-on-one on the phone. Working smart is having your own phone team to do the selling for you.
  • Working hard is digging for gold during the gold rush. Working smart is selling the shovels.
  • Working hard is working with the 80% that represent 20% of your business. Working smart is firing the 80% and working with the 20% that represents 80% of your business.
  • Working hard is trying to line up all your ducks so you can get ready to get ready. Working smart is just doing it, ready or not.
  • Working hard is trying to do everything yourself. Working smart is surrounding yourself with people who can do the stuff that you can’t.
  • Working hard is trading your hours for dollars to make money. Working smart is having dollars work for you.
  • Working hard is trying to reinvent the wheel. Working smart if leveraging a proven system.

Stop working so hard, and start working smart. Working hard does not create the Dot Com Lifestyle. Working Smart does. Watch the video to find out how I can make over $10,000 an hour by working smart.

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