Make Money Online with Your Blogroll

A new service just came online that will allow you to make money with your blogroll. is a similar service to Text Link Ads. However, they’re selling links in the blogroll to cloak the fact that they are paid links.

The blogroll is a place normally reserved for bloggers to link to other bloggers. Blogroll links are full follow links which mean they carry link juice and help with moving up in the search results. While Google has been cracking down on paid links, they’ve so far left the blogroll alone because the links on there are generally related to the blog topic and not paid. aims to take advantage of this fact to make money.

Advertisers will be able to search an inventory of publishing sites offering blogroll links. Once they found a blog(s) they like, they can purchase the link. Pricing is done on a flat monthly rate. aims to be totally stealth in order to avoid the wrath of Google. Their system uses no scripts or codes of any of kind. When a sale is made, the publisher is notified by email. The publisher will then place the link into his blogroll the same way he enters any other blogroll links. Publishers are paid monthly by PayPal.

Paid blogroll links are not new. Advertisers and bloggers have been selling them privately for a quite awhile. However, is the first service to try to create a marketplace for it. It will be very interesting to see how Google responds to this.