Make Money Online with Sponsored Tweets


Yesterday, IZEA CEO Ted Murphy pulled the covers off his newest money maker, Sponsored Tweets. Sponsored Tweets is a new Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with Tweeters. Advertisers can create sponsored conversations on Twitter. Tweeters can earn money for spreading the word. Think of it as the Pay Per Tweet version of Pay Per Post.

Sponsored Tweets is not the first service offering to pay Twitter users for sending our tweets. However, it is the most ambitious and best funded. To kick things off, Sponsored Tweets launched with a bunch of big name Twitter celebrities like Playboy Playmate, Holly Madison and comedian, Carrot Top. There’s also a star studded line up of Internet celebrities like Shoemoney, Neil Patel and yours truly.


I will be looking at Sponsored Tweets from both the advertiser side and the Tweeter side. For this post, I want to show what Sponsored Tweets offers the Twitter user looking to make money online.

One Click Sign Up Process

Signing up for a Sponsored Tweets account is super easy. Just click the “click here to sign up” button and you’re pretty much done. Sponsored Tweets uses the new Twitter authorization system to get your information and load it into the control panel. This makes it impossible for someone signing up with your Twitter name.

Once in your Sponsored Tweets control panel, you can fill out your information and set your tweet price. There are two price model – charge per tweet and charge per click. Both are control by the users. How much you can charge depends on many factors. Generally, the more followers and “celebrity” status you have, the more you can charge. Because I didn’t have a reference to go on, I set my tweet price at $125. I have since increased it to $250.


All tweets sent by Sponsored Tweets must be 100% disclosed. Sponsored Tweets ensures this with an automated disclosure engine. This is done by adding a tag like #ad or “this tweet brought to you by”. The tweeter can choose which tags or phase to use.

$250 From Two Tweets

As part of my preparation for writing this post, I had to log into my Sponsored Tweets accounts to shoot some screen shots. I wasn’t really expecting to see two opportunities waiting for me, each paying $125.


The first opp, by Uncrate, required me to just tweet what they wrote. The second opp allowed me to choose what to say and how I want to disclosed. The sending of the tweets is performed by Sponsored Tweets. Once you accept an opp, the Sponsored Tweets engine will do the rest. You do not copy and paste it to your Twitter account.

If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can cash out once your account reaches $50. Sponsored Tweets makes money by taking a commission from the advertisers. They do not take a cut of your tweet price. In order words, that $250 will be paid to me in full. Next time, I’ll be looking at Sponsor Tweets from an advertiser’s point of view. Can you make money paying Tweeters to tweet your message? Check back later for the answer.

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