Make Money Online with OIOPublisher Direct Version 2

OIOPublisher Direct has released Version 2 of their ad management software. OIOPublisher is the best solution for bloggers trying to sell direct advertising. Before OIOPublisher came along, I would always recommend new bloggers use ad networks instead of selling ads directly because you need to concentrate on producing content when you’re starting out. OIOPublisher automates the ad buying process so you can concentrate on blogging instead of selling.

With OIOpublisher, advertisers can order, pay for and upload their ads directly to your blog. The only thing you have to do is approve the ad. If you get a sale, then great. If not, then OIOPublisher will run network ads until you do. Some of the new features added to Version 2 includes:

  • Possible to integrate the ad platform with any website that uses PHP
  • Purchase / account pages are now templated, editable within the admin area
  • Text links are now controlled via zones (like banner ads)
  • Performance improvements – various caching options available (more to come)
  • Full javascript ad display support
  • Entrecard Payment option integrated

By far the biggest news is not requiring WordPress to use OIOPublisher. The software will now work with any website that use PHP. WordPress users still get the nice easy to install plugin. The other big news is the ability to accept Entrecard credits as a payment option.

If you running OIOPublisher Version 1, then you should upgrade to Version 2. It won’t cost you anything because OIOPublisher comes with free upgrades for life. If you don’t currently use OIOPublisher, then it will cost you $47.00. Ask any blogger who runs OIOPublisher and they’re tell you it’s worth every penny.

Limited Use $17 OIOPublisher Coupon

To celebrate the release of Version 2, OIOPublisher issued me a $17 coupon for you to take advantage of. Purchase OIOPublisher and enter johnchow in the coupon field at checkout to bring the price down to $30. The coupon is good for one week or 100 uses, whichever comes first.

Download OIOPublisher Direct