Make Money Online with InLinks

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InLink is a new service from the parent company of Text Link Ads. In a nutshell, InLinks takes your blog posts and turns certain keywords into links. Unlike Kontera, InLinks doesn’t pop up an ad when you hover over it. Instead, InLinks links directly to the advertiser’s page. From a reader’s standpoint, Inlinks looks just like a normal blog link.

InLinks for Bloggers

The biggest appeal of InLinks for blogger is it doesn’t take up any space and it’s completely non-intrusive. You have full control over which advertisers are buying InLinks so if you stick to companies that are related to your blog, readers wouldn’t even notice it, and neither should Google.

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As long as you keep the advertisers related to your blog, you shouldn’t have any problems with Google over InLinks. The key is to keep thing relevant. Ask yourself if you would have linked to that company in the blog post anyway if you knew about them at the time. If the answer is yes, then you should be golden. There is no way for Google to detect if the InLinks link is a regular link or a paid link.

InLinks offers plugins for WordPress, Movable Type and Durpal so installation is a no brainer. Just upload the plugin, activate and start making money. I will be adding InLinks to my recommended money makers.

InLinks for Advertisers

InLinks’ biggest selling point for advertisers is it allows them to purchase links within the content area of a blog post and those links are more likely to be clicked on. Advertiser search for instances of their top keywords and replace those static keywords with a hyperlink back to their website. The links are full follow links so they carry SEO benefits as well.

Link prices start at $10 per month. To encourage advertisers to test out the new service, InLink is offering $100 in InLinks links for only $1.00. Just enter 100free in the coupon code at checkout.

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