Make Money Online with EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress

The EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin is one of the best advertising plugins for WordPress that I’ve ever used. Its creator, Aaron Lee has taken some of his other advertising plugins and combined them to create a new plugin that can virtually handle all your blog’s ad serving needs.

It Serves The Ads That Makes You Money

What makes EzAffiliateCash Ads stand out is it’s designed to serve the ads that makes you the most money. While everyone is familiar with the standard banner ads and buttons, the truth of the matter is the click rate and conversion on the standard banner ad is very low because everyone is blind to them. Because of this, EzAffiliateCash Ads doesn’t serve those types of ads. Instead, EzAffiliateCash Ads serves ads that people are not blind to and as result, click rates are conversions are much higher.

EzAffiliateCash Plugin for WordPress

Right now, I am using several plugins to serve all the ads on this blog. EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress has allowed me to eliminate most of them. In addition, the plugin allows to me run ad units that I have never tried before (like an Interstitial or Exit Pop) because there was no such plugins for it. The following video demos how the EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress works.

Grand Opening Price: $49.99 for Unlimited License

The EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress normally sells for $97 but Aaron is holding a grand opening special and for a limited time, you can pick up the plugin for only $49.99. This gives you an unlimited license. You can use the plugin on every blog your own or will own. Lifetime updates is included as well. On top of all that, if you buy it now, Aaron will throw in a free Articles Import Plugin that allows you to easily import articles to your blogs from Perfect for getting a blog up and running quickly so you can monetize the hell out of it with EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress.

Download EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress