Make Money Online with Entrecard

Entrecard, the startup of Graham Langdon, continues to grow. It recently passed 5,000 active widget members and enjoys an Alexa rank of 1,547. The growth can be credited to continuing improvement to the system and adding tons of new features. One of the newest feature will allow members to sell their credit for cold hard cash.

The credit selling feature will be rolled out in stages. For the the first stage, Entrecard is just collecting information on how much members are willing to buy and sell credits for. To access your buy/sell settings, click on “Exchange settings” on your Entrecard dashboard. From there, you can enter the volume you have to sell or want to buy and your desired price.


Entrecard ask that you enter realistic amounts so that they can get a reasonable feel for the prices involved. In other words, don’t do what I show in the above screen shot. 🙂

This is a good move on Entrecard’s part because the inability to make money for members has been its Achilles heel. That could all change with the card exchange market. Members wishing to sell their credits for cash instead of buying advertising from other members may do so.

Entrecard continues to be a good source of traffic for new and low traffic blog. It’s pretty much the only way they can get an ad on this blog and Problogger without spending hundreds of dollars. Adding a system to allow members to sell their credits for cash should entice more sites to join the system.

I wonder how much I should sell my 10,982 credits for?