Make Easy Money With Google

I just finished reading Make Easy Money with Google by Eric Giguere. Now one might wonder why I, John Chow, dot com mogul and master Google whore would read a book on how to make money with Google? This is a valid question. After all, the author of the book, Eric Giguere, is by no means a Google master. Unlike yours truly, Eric can not live off his AdSense income, yet he has written a book about it. I guess the old saying “Those who can’t do, teach” applies here. To be fair to Eric, he doesn’t market Make Easy Money with Google as a get rich type book and freely admits that Google is not his main source of income. So why did I buy this book? To learn new ideas of course.

Make Easy Money with Google is written as a narrative and is very easy to read. It reminded me a lot of The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. However, the characters in The Wealthy Barber were a lot more interesting and entertaining than the characters in Make Easy Money with Google.

The book features Eric trying to teach three people how to make money with Google using the AdSense advertising program. The three being taught are total internet marketing newbie’s and that is what Make Easy Money with Google is targeted to. If you know dick all about Google AdSense or making a website then this book is for you.

The book is divided into five sections; Starting, Content, Design, AdSense and Traffic. Eric does a good job covering each section and explains things in an easy to understand fashion – no fancy geek speaks here. As a beginner’s guide, Make Easy Money with Google is a good read and well worth having. Anyone who already knows how AdSense works and is making a few bucks at it can skip this book. You won’t find anything you don’t already know. As a matter of fact I found quite a few things missing from the book that I felt Eric should have included. AdSense optimization techniques being the most missed item. There was nothing in the book about which ad format performs best or the effects blending ads to the site can have on revenue.

Make Easy Money with Google is available for $16.49 from or $14.99 from It’s a good book to have for covering the basics of Google and one that I will be recommending to all those hordes of people who page me all the time asking “How do I get rich on the internet?”