Made The New York Times on Saturday, Slammed by Gawker on Sunday

Well, this has certainly been in interesting week. The New York Times featured me in a story about sponsoring tweeting for their Saturday edition. The article was read by Gawker, who then slammed me in their Sunday posting. Coverage from two big New York media outlets within 24 hours. Got to love it!

I would love the NY Times more had linked to my blog instead of the sponsored tweet I did. From an SEO standpoint, a link from the New York Times is almost like finding the holy grail. I can understand why Gawker didn’t link me since they hate everything sponsored tweeting stands for. However, Gawker will gladly do a sponsored post for you. Double standards, maybe?

The Times article is what you would expect from the Times, a reporting of the facts with no bias one way or the other. Gawker, on the other hand, is a blog and as such can be as bias as they want. And that’s great. I always tell new bloggers that you should never take the middle ground because everyone does that. If you want to attract attention, you have to be totally for or totally against a topic. That is what’s going to get you the press.

I suspect the real reason the Gawker writer doesn’t like me is not because I do sponsored tweets. It’s because I make more money from tweeting than he does from blogging. 😛

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