Lunch with Beer at Kari House

Kari House is an authentic Malaysian restaurant on the docks of the Steveston Village waterfront. It’s a great place to have lunch with beer because you can walk it off on the docks after. Steveston Village is a tourist attraction so it’s also a place for people watching. unfortunately, Kari House doesn’t have a patio like some of the other restaurants on the dock. Not that this matter right now since the weather is very cold so eating outside wouldn’t be my idea of fun.

For this little lunch excursion, Sarah and I were joined by Greg Morgan and his girlfriend Linda. The room at Kari house is extremely bright, with tall glass windows on three sides. This lets it a lot of light and allows for a really nice view of the water. Here is the typically Dot Com Malaysian lunch.

Tiger Beer and Ginger Soup


All lunch special at Kari house starts with a Ginger soup. The Tiger beer is optional but I highly recommend it because it goes really well with the soup. As a matter of fact, beer goes so well with a Malaysian lunch, I had to order another with the main course. You can’t have just one beer! :mrgreen:

Roti Canai


Roti Canai is Malaysian flaky bread served with a curry sauce. It’s a staple for Malaysian restaurants because it’s one of the most popular appetizers. This Roti was very good but I like the sauce from Tropika more.

The 14 Combination Lunch Special


Kari House offer 14 lunch special choices for only $6.95. The core ingredients are the same (pork, chicken or beef) but the sauces and stuff added to it are different. The mixing and matching creates 14 combinations. I ordered mine extra spicy.

Goreng Pisang


Goreng Pisang is a deep fried banana dessert. It’s the Malay version of the banana split. You have to eat it pretty fast because the hot banana melts the ice cream pretty quick.

At $6.95 per lunch special, Kari House should be a very cheap place to dine at. However, after adding the appetizer, dessert and beer, it turned into $20 per lunch special. That’s still not bad for lunch. If only I can keep my dinner bills to this level.

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