Lunch At The Thai House

The Thai House is one of my favorite places to go for lunch. We used to go every single Friday but as more and more restaurants open up, time spent at the Thai House went down. The restaurant is part of the Thai House Restaurant Group which includes Smaba Brazilian Steakhouse, Chilli House and Urban Thai Bistro. The Thai House also features a line of curry sauces that can be bought at the restaurant or at local specialty stores like Urban Fare in Yaletown.

Most diners going to the Thai House for lunch go for the set lunch menu. The menu features chicken, beef or pork cooked with a variety of ingredients. At only $7.50, it’s a very good value and the place is generally packed during lunch time.

Hot and Sour Soup


All lunch specials begin with the Thai House Hot and Sour soup. The soup is more sour than it is hot but it makes a good opener and helps to cleanse the taste buds.

Gai Pad Bai Grapau


This was my dish. Boneless chicken with Thai chili, onions, mushrooms and fresh basil. It rates a three pepper out of four on the hot scale. However, the chef can increase it to a four if you want more heat. A spring roll, rice and salad is included.

Kaeng Phed Neua


This was Sarah’s lunch. Beef with red curry paste, bamboo shoots and coconut milk. It has a two pepper heat rating so it’s not as hot as my dish. You taste the coconut milk more than anything else. The dish is also available with chicken or pork.

Lunch at the Thai House came to only $18.00 with tax and tip. It doesn’t get much better than that. The only thing I like to see is for them to improve their parking situation. The place is so busy at lunch that it’s often hard to find a parking space. This is why we generally go to the Thai House after 1PM. By then, most of the office lunch people are back at the office and we can relax and enjoy a nice two hour lunch.

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