Lunch at Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a Southeast Asian restaurant located in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. The restaurant has won numerous awards and is a favorite among locals and tourists looking for a true taste of Southeast Asia.

Phnom Penh is known for several signature dishes. Among them are spicy garlic squid and deep-fried chicken wings. Lightly battered, they’re cooked to a perfect crisp and served with tangy lime-pepper dipping sauce. Then there is the marinated butter beef. A dish that may scare off the less daring because it looks like a plate of raw meat. However, once they bite into it, they’ll be hooked for life.

The best feature about Phnom Penh is the price – it’s extremely reasonable. Our lunch for six came in at only $66 including tax and tip. The place is extremely busy during lunch and dinner time. Get there early if you want to avoid waiting.

Phnom Penh – 244 E. Georgia St. Vancouver 604-682-5777

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