Lunch At Feenie’s With Corsair Memory

Today Stephen Fung and I went to have lunch with Corsair Memory. We went to Feenie’s in Vancouver because it’s one of the best restaurants in the city. Feenie’s is owned by Iron Chef America winner, Rob Feenie. He is also the owner of Lumiere, the most expensive restaurant in the city. The last time we dined there, the dinner bill came to $1,314.37.

Like Lumiere, Feenie’s is an award-winning restaurant. Unlike Lumiere, you don’t need to be a Dot Com Mogul to dine there. The prices at Feenie’s are quite reasonable for the level of quality. It’s a good way to get an idea of what a Lumiere experience maybe like. The restaurant serves as a good marketing arm (and profit center) for Lumiere – if the food at Feenie’s is this good, just image what it’s like at Lumiere!

Our lunch appointment was originally set up for 1:30 but got pushed to 2:30 because our host, Vivian from Corsair, was running late. Vivian is on what is known in the industry as a press tour. She’s flying from city to city and saying hi to all the tech sites that Corsair supply product samples to. It’s also a good way to catch up because we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Anyway, this is the average Feenie’s lunch.

Tuna Tartare


Tuna Tartare with black & white sesame seeds, cilantro, and tamarind glaze. This is by far the best tuna tartare in the city. It blows away the tartare I had at Hy Encore.

Baked Mary’s Point Oysters


Baked Mary’s Point Oysters with panko, nori, spicy mayonaise and lemon buerre blanc. Normally I like my oyster raw but the oysters Feenie’s prepared was damn good. They were pretty big too.

Braised Beef Short Ribs


You don’t need a knife with this dish. The meat is so tender you can cut it with a fork. I’ve had this dish before and it’s still every bit as good as the last time.

Roasted Sable Fish


That time Stephen was at Feenie’s, he order the Roasted Sable Fish. He liked it so much that he ordered it again. He said if you’re a fish lover, you will fall in love with this dish.

The Desserts




The desserts at Feenie’s are simply mouth watering and the presentation is top notch. My Creme Brulee had an evenly covered crust and Vivian said her Chocolate Fondant with ancho-chile anglaise, cinnamon ice cream, almond praline and honey tuile was to die for.

I like to thank Vivian for inviting us out to lunch and I look forward to seeing her again in June when we’re in Taipei for Computex. Now I have to work off this lunch because I have to review another restaurant for dinner.

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