Long-Tail Keyword SEO

Generating positive product reviews ultimately increases sales. SEO can drive up your profit margin by optimizing on customer satisfaction, and we know this can help you achieve the bottom line. Product perception is fundamental in maintaining long-term business success. A positive review has the potential to draw in more business as customers are consistently looking to previous purchasers to determine product effectiveness. This is why many stores will always have testimonials, and reviews posted visibility in front of the shopper. A good example of this is when…

Crazy Egg was able to sustain a $19,380 revenue within a 12-month period merely based on growing customer satisfaction reviews, and they knew how to maximize on this potential. As opposed to an auto financing company which lost $176,779 over a 6-month period due to extremely poor customer reports through search engine displays.

From both these examples, you can see how important the right reviews are in producing the best results.

Here are a few simple steps to help you use SEO to your advantage.


  • Create effective landing page strategies for your own site.
  • Get other people to create landing pages on their sites about your product by;
  • Give away a product or service
  • Run promotional offers
  • Create a grants program
  • Create pay per click campaigns

If you do a quick search within Google, you’ll be able to find a solution to every question discussed above. There have been case studies done on effective landing pages, finding the right products, PPC programs, etc.                               


Long tail keywords are like any other “keywords” so it’s important you have a plan in place to build links to them going forward. This means you have to ensure the anchors are in the right place.

  • Build links using the right anchor text
  • Build internal links throughout your blog
  • Make sure you mix up the variations


The main long-tail keywords are the ones you should be focusing on going forward. We’ll be discussing this in further detail going forward. Let’s look at these “3” factors in closer detail.

Step 1 – Creating The Right Strategy

Create Effective Landing page strategies

Landing pages are very important fixtures, and this applies whether you develop them yourself or have someone do them for you. It’s even more important that you do your research before creating them because this will help you implement the right elements. For example, here’s what I’ve learned overtime about effective landing page:

  • Add the right headline
  • Have a video
  • Illustrate only the main points
  • Use call-to-action buttons

Tools to Help You Create Landing Pages

If you don’t have a system in place to help you manage landing pages, then you might want to check out Unbounce. This tool or service will provide several useful templates to get you started and keep in mind that your landing pages must be focused around your long tail keywords. When you are done building your first main landing page, it’s important to go back making sure you have the right keywords in the right places.

WordPress is yet another approach you can use to answer your landing page dilemma. Understanding what drives customer queries can help you design effective tools to bring customers to the solutions for which they search. As a matter of fact, WordPress offers several plugins to help you get started with landing pages, and also an effective way to test them all.

Landing Pages Others Create

Harnessing a variety of methods to direct positive customer reviews is vital in the online marketing world these days. Utilizing others landing pages can help facilitate more traffic to your webpage and increase sales exponentially. With this strategy, you are paying an authority blogger to help you build your list, sell a product or service. It’s effective because some people have enormous traffic coming to a page, and will sell you some space to help you get started. However, you need a budget to get going with this strategy.

Whatever the case, here are a few things you can give to people landing on a page to build retention or increase subscribers.

Give Away a Product or Service to Bloggers

A great product and service will speak for itself. Giving away freebies allows others to see firsthand what you have to offer. Bloggers are in the position to write effective positive reviews and thus are an excellent target market for free products and services.

Run Promotional Offers

Running promotional offers directs potential customers to your site and is therefore a very effective strategy in the development of positive reviews. Sites such as Coupons.com and Retail Me Not have the ability to list discount codes and coupons for your product on their landing pages thus increasing product awareness through multiple avenues.

In the end, once the visitor is directed to your site through these coupons, you’ll be able to ask them for a review to post on your site afterwards.

Create a Grants Program

Bloggers are important components to building positive reviews. Whether they are sampling your product themselves or writing a review on a new service you are providing, their opinion counts.

Another strategy to illicit positive reviews from bloggers is to focus on goodwill initiatives. A grant program which offers people getting started online free training or money is an awesome way to build your brand. When you think about what’s the hardest thing when starting online, you’ll notice the lack of funds for people. Offering funding or free training will get people to share your product or service effectively. Next,

Just the fact you offered them a FREE option will encourage more reviews. People in general are way more grateful when something is given to them for FREE, and adds value at the same time.

Create a PPC Campaign

Pay per click campaigns are alternatives to landing pages. This is a unique way to create a positive ROI for your business. Google searches will ultimately bring up your pay per click ad and thus drive interest in your product.

Step 2 – Links to Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are only effective when they direct potential customers to your site. Some of your long term keyword variations will already rank on their own. Developing links with specific anchor-text to your pages is the next step. This is just like building authoritative links, however with a long-tail anchor text to give it more juice than ever before,

Here are a number of different ways to accomplish this strategy.

Vary Your Internal Links

Keeping your core term consistent is important when creating variations. Strive to include your head keyword within each variation so search engines know this is the main focus keyword.

Important Modifier in Your Headline

Many search engines use the headline of your article as anchor text. What does this mean? You have to stand out in the headline because this is what people will be seeing within the search results. By standing out, you’ll get the click over your competition and this is what helps you with your bottom line. Always include the “target” long-tail keyword going forward.

Create External Links

There are many different ways you as a site owner can control your anchor text. Here are a few examples to get you started are; company listing, and directory listings. Both are elements you can control because when you need to change them you can easy by clicking on the “EDIT” button. Some directories rank high within the SERP’s which is great for you.

The objective for long term keywords is to rank high in web searches. Utilizing article submission websites can help you to accomplish this if done the right way. Do a quick search within Google to learn of quality ways to build these links.

Another method is to use low-quality external linking sources with keyword-rich anchor text. This alongside internal links on authoritative websites can allow your long tail keywords to acquire a high ranking.

Step 3 – Optimizing Your Headlines

Long tail keyword creation can add significant value to your business. Keywords direct traffic to your site and therefore are vital marketing components. Focus your SEO efforts on optimizing head terms, and remember that a number of your long tail keywords are simply variations on your head keyword phrases. This means centering your efforts on creating effective long tail keywords can increase your online presence.

It is also helpful to track your head keyword phrases as well as the total number of different keywords that are drawing potential customers to your site. Your first priority is to ensure that your site is well constructed. Good content, naming and site structure are staples of a well-built site. If you have covered your bases in this regard you should see an improvement in the total number of keywords that consistently converting browsers to buyers.

Increasing sales through long tail SEO is the main objective. The focus here needs to be on utilizing high-converting pages. The emphasis is on quality not quantity. This is where understanding your market comes into play. The number of visitors may not be significant but if    the right keyword phrases are employed the conversion rate will speak for itself.

Generating sales through Long tail SEO is a process that takes time and dedication but if done correctly can bring your business a great deal of success. I’ll admit getting started with this approach is going to be hard, but you should keep in mind what’s important to your business. Go back, and figure out how you’ll apply long-tail keywords to your marketing, and get started. Getting started almost immediately will ensure you are setup before your competition, and have more than enough time to test out what’s working.

I have worked with many people, and one thing I’ve found is their inability to focus on the bottom line. They get caught up doing things which don’t matter, and this delays the results they want to achieve. I’ll tell you from my own experience that long-tail keywords is very effective strategy in building momentum, however you need to know how to apply them to your blog.

Read through this content finding ways to use what you have learned above, however make the required notes first. Read through make notes, apply, and tweak so you create a strategy which not only helps you rank within the SERPs, but increases your sales, conversions and momentum. Ever since I applied long tail keywords to my content, and started to do serious SEO, I have seen more traffic come from different channels. What’s even more awesome is this traffic has increased my sales and dominance online.