Live Webcast with Aymen and Brian Tracy

Wow! Check this out. My buddy Aymen is doing a live webcast tomorrow with the Brian Tracy. The fun start at 3PM PST (6PM EST) and seating is limited 10,000 people. That sounds like a lot but the last time Aymen held a live webcast, he sold it out in two days. You can reserve your seat here.

If you’re looking to make lots of money before the year is over and if you want 2010 to be the most profitable 12 months of your life then Aymen and Brian will have three things to offer you.

  • You will have a world-renown coach and author help you remove your “barriers” to taking massive action (the #1 ingredient to your income and success)
  • You will find out why Aymen just might be willing to mentor you, and do everything in his power to help you become a millionaire in 2010.
  • You will be the first to hear about Aymen’s new system to generate a killer income online.

The webcast is total free to attend but you must register and reserve a seat. I’ll see you there!