Live Q&A With a Six Figure Pro Blogger

Six-Figure, professional blogger David Risley will be holding a live, free Q&A session with bloggers. David and I go way back to my tech sites days. While I was running The TechZone, David had PC Mech. Like me, David still has his tech site but he also has a blog that makes him six-figures.

This is a great opportunity for you to talk with a successful pro blogger about your own blog, how to make it better, and how to get started in professional blogging. And the best thing is, the cost is ZERO.

The live chat starts at the Blog Master Club on Monday, July 6th at about 3:00 PM EST. Be sure to put this down on your calendar and show up. I’ll be mixing it up the chat room as well.

The chat will be hosted by Ustream.TV. It is easier to chat with Dave if you have a Ustream account. But, it is free to get one so no big deal. David tells me he’ll be broadcasting live from his office desk in Florida.

David released the Six Figure Blogger Blueprint several days ago. Did you get your copy yet? That is free, too.

Download Six Figure Blogger Blueprint