Live at Ad:Tech San Francisco

We’re live at Ad:Tech San Francisco. This is my first time “live blogging.” At this moment, we’re at a keynote roundtable call The Art of Conversation – Building Great Brands in the Digital Age. There are five panelist on the stage plus one moderator. The hall is very big. I estimate there are at least 1,500 people in this room

The Panelists are Tom Asher of Levi, Beth Thomas-Kim of Nestle, Jordan Warren of, Todd Cunningham or MTV Networks and Rick Clancy of Sony. The moderator is Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Online.

All the panelists agreed they are experiencing the power of the blog. Rick Clancy say Sony is putting a lot more time and resources into their blog. All panelists see blogs as one of the best branding tools for the digital age.

I’m having quite a good laugh at this. Here’s a bunch of big names companies that spend billions each year on all types of advertising to build their brand and they’re saying a few well placed negative blog posts can take their brand down a couple of notches.

We’ll be hitting the showfloor after this session. Look for more updates later.