List of Blogger Salaries

Paula Mooney has compile a list of blogger and webmaster salaries. There are 60 bloggers and webmasters on the list. I’m ranked number 12 with a yearly income of $140,431.92. It’s pretty easy to figure out that Paula took my April blog income and multiply it by 12.

I assumed no growth rate for the annualized salaries, even though some dot com moguls like John Chow are reporting huge growth rates in blogging revenue from March to April 2007.

Since others reported a dip from prior months, I figured assuming a growth rate of 0% would even things out overall. (I did take Intermediate Accounting I and II in college…)

I also took the numbers at face value — some webmasters list their gross revenue, some net. Others include swag, pay for services, etc. — all the perks that they wouldn’t have gotten if not for blogging.

The list must have taken a long time to compile and, as with all lists, it’s probably wildly inaccurate. For example, she list Woot! income as $54,750. While that maybe what Woot! makes from Google ads, Paula seem to have forgotten that Woot! sells $50 million of products on their site. Paula used my blog income for her list and ignore my main moneymaker because I have never released financial data on that. That’s a good thing really.

If you want to get on the blogger money list it shouldn’t be that hard. You would need to make more than $479.88 from you blog this year. If that is you, then send your proof to Paula and I’m sure she’ll add you the next time she updates the list.