Links That Can Get Your Penalized or Banned By Google

This post was guest blogged by Shannon Lilly of Make Money Blogging.

For years all these so-called SEO experts have been telling us that we need to build links but then we have contradicting arguments that say certain links are bad for our site and those we will be penalized or banned from the search engines.

This all sounds great but there’s only one problem… Where’s the proof?

I mean sure there’s the occasional person whose site that drops off the search engines completely but they are few and far between. This has to mean something; we cannot simply ignore the fact that the search engines are not the Gods of the internet. They do have certain variables we must obey to be included in there index but generally it’s a very open door policy (OTHERWISE WE WOULDN’T RANK AT ALL). Even Matt Cutt’s has talked on his blog about not worrying about Page-Rank, whether the link is no-follow or not and similar topics. (RIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH).

Everyone who has ever done any SEO would drop because the search engines don’t want us altering there results right? WRONG it’s exactly what they want us to do, what they don’t want is everyone doing it. Why? Because then they can’t provide the best results, they just provide results (a big list of websites with no ability to rank them).

Ok, Ok so that was a tad confusing but let me break it down.

The search engines say they don’t want us altering there results but without us they have no results to rank so doesn’t that mean we actually have control of what happens?

Absolutely, the old myths of getting banned are long gone. The engines don’t have the time nor the man power to manually check sites unless SERIOUS red flags are showing up.

The title of this post kind of speaks for itself. Instead of us all focusing in on seo and not making the search engines mad at us why not just do what they actually ask?

Provide relevant content and links to our sites so they can determine the best ranking.

This technique works for me and I know it will help you too. Patience’s is the name of the game but for those of us that stick it out will be blessed with tremendous results. I do SEO for other people and my own sites and this technique is tried and true. With just a quick google search you will see so many conflicting articles about what will get you banned.

I am by no means saying these people don’t have valid points to consider but the search engines want to scare the little people into thinking they cant do anything so they resort to buying advertisements on the search engines.

Its time to stand up for ourselves and rock the search engines worlds! This whole post may be a tad boastful, however I want to see everyone do better and the only way that’s going to happen is if we stop being afraid. Fear cripples people from doing what they really want to do. Why not face your fear and try something? The worst that can happen is google will de-value links (NOT BAN YOU) an actual ban hasn’t happened in some time from all the webmaster forums I am part of.

Stop being afraid just don’t do too much of one thing. Get a balanced number of links and let the engines do what they do best and that’s provide relevant results. It’s really not that difficult to be the most relevant guys.

Enjoy and let me know what you think I am all about controversy!