LinkedIn Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Get the Best Results

LinkedIn is a reputable network and awesome for getting your brand across. Even though much of the interaction on this social network is career based, it can still be valuable if you leverage the right features. I’m surprised how many people don’t leverage some of the cool features many of these social platforms offer. For example, on,, and you’ll find many of the profile fields NOT filled out, which lead to lower user engagement and interaction with the profile. Next,

It’s surprising how many people make this mistake when using The purpose of is to increase your brand and business awareness. When signing up to this social network, it’s important you utilize some of the effective tools they provide all users. I decided to do some research and came across interesting mistakes users are making that is damping the chances of them attracting visitors. Let’s go over some of the fundamental mistakes…

Not Using LinkedIn Summary

You’ve probably noticed that some of the best resumes ever had a quick summary before they outlined your skills and qualifications. I’m surprised no one understands the power of a summary in relation to your LinkedIn profile. Just like an introduction outlines content, having a LinkedIn summary can improve click-throughs to your profile. However, you shouldn’t just create any type of summary because you’re working at distinguishing yourself from the rest of the competition. Here’s a few tips that will help you create the perfect summary…

  • Include an introduction anywhere from 1-2 sentences
  • Outline your objective or purpose
  • Use all 2,000 characters
  • Split it up into different sections
  • Tell a story about your past and future goals

If you perform a quick search in Google, you’ll be able to find enormous content on writing the perfect summary.

Not Adding Profile Image

This is a fatal mistake and people don’t know how an engaging image can increase your CTR. Would you read a book without a cover? Next, how many times have you purchased a book or video because of how appealing the cover looks? All of these factors are important to get someone to take a second look at your profile so it’s important to add a picture that’s engaging. Many times, depending on your objective, you’ll add a simple profile picture of yourself and others times, you’ll add a logo representing your brand. Did you know statistics show you’re 7 times more likely to get a click-through to your profile if you have an image? Why? It’s a great way to build the initial comfort level important for people to spend time viewing your profile. Next,

The human assumption is that when there’s a photo missing, then they might be something wrong with you, the product, or service.

Not Being Original

Here’s another common mistake that can be detrimental to your profile – not being original. This can mean NOT being original in your summary, profile picture, or even personality. The key to stand out is to create your own identity and stick by it no matter what. For example, add a twist to your profile photo by adding a border or using bright colors. If you’re using a photo of yourself, then have a professional take it because they know what stands out when self-promoting your business. Just remember you are part of the search results battling to outshine your competitors so don’t use a default photo that others may be using.

Past Experience and History

It’s no secret Linked is awesome for career and work related searches, however, it can be used for other niches as well. If you have previous experiences, leave it on your profile because many searchers are attracted to people with related work experience. For example, if you’re looking to hire an SEO expert, would you rather work with someone with no experience ranking websites or someone with a portfolio of 50 clients and a proven track record? Many people often forget to leave the previous work experience on their profile because they feel it takes too long to add it or may be used against them as a reference. However, from my research, I’ve noticed removing your past experience will do you much more harm than good. If you want to change your work experience, then do the following…

Remove unrelated work experience from your profile. This helps if you’re trying to build a reputation for being credible in a specific niche, etc. For example, if I’m building my business with a focus on “SEO”, then I’ll leave experience related to content marketing, SEO, social media, etc., and remove non-related experience.

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