Digg Lighting Strikes Twice

You think I would learn my lesson after getting the blog on the front page of Digg on Tuesday. No way! I had to do it again! That’s two Diggs to this blog in two days. The Tuesday Digg set a new traffic record of over 15,000 page views. That was broken with Wednesday’s Digg, where traffic hit a record 16,500 page views. What does this mean to blog income? Almost nothing!

The blog served over 23,000 Google AdSense ads but received only got enough clicks to make $18.96. Now let’s see, that works out to 80 cents eCPM. Now I know how Markus at Plenty of Fish feels like. His eCPM is 80 cents as well. However, he claims to gets 500 million page views per month, so I won’t feel so sorry for him.

Thanks to the Diggers hitting my blog, I also exceeded its bandwidth limit for the first time. I have forgotten that all default sites that I create on my servers has a 5GB data transfer limit. When the limit is hit you get a page saying the site has been suspended. Thanks to Justin for catching that quick and letting me know. I have increased the bandwidth limit to 5,000GB.

I think I will leave Digg alone for a while. It’s nice to get all these visitors to my blog but I don’t wish to turn it into some commercial operation like TTZ. And if I keep getting my posts Dugg, I’m going to look at all that traffic and I’m going to see all the potential money that is going out the window and may be tempted to redo the blog to take advantage of it.

In other news, I received some new toys to play with today. Verbatim sent me a 4GB U3 Smart Drive. Hopefully it’s faster than the last U3 drive they sent me. Not to be outdone, ADS Tech sent me a MiniTVusb. This device is the size of a big USB flash drive but it turns your notebook/computer into a full blown TiVO TV! Look for the reviews soon.