Letting Off Steam At Steamworks


Last night, a bunch of local SEO and affiliate marketers got together at the Steamworks Brewing Company at the edge of Gastown for a little get together. Steamworks gets its name from the famous Gastown steam line that runs through the premises. The Gastown Brewing Company, which is located onsite and brews Steamworks beers, uses steam to fire its kettles. Steamworks claims the instant heat of steam allows for greater brewing finesse, and most importantly great tasting beer.

Trying Steamworks brewed beer with a bunch of crazy affiliate marketers is nice but the place is also a nice restaurant that serves an assortment of burgers and west coast cuisine. Among some of the attendees were Greg Morgan, Stephen Fung, Ian Lee from Affiliate Marketers Alliance, Gilbert Jason Bailey from Millnic Media and Billy Solaczek.

We discussed a range of topics dealing with SEO and affiliate marketing but it was mostly an informal gathering to do some networking and make new friends. It was great to meet everyone. Sorry I didn’t get all your names. I’m looking forward to the next one.








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