Lena Maria Concert

Tonight Sarah and I went to the Caring For Life Concert 2006 with Lena Maria. For those who don’t know, Lena was born without arms and left leg half the length of the other. However, she never let her disability stop her from going after her dream.

Lena Maria learned how to swim when she was only three years old. At age 18, she entered the National Swedish Games where she won three silver medals making her a star-athlete over night and earning her a place on the national team. Many competitions followed. Lena Maria set two national records in the 25-meter and 50-meter butterfly events. The highlight of her swimming career was the Paralympic Games-88 in Seoul, South Korea. After the Paralympic Games she decided to put her career as an athlete aside in favor of her singing.

Her life is an inspiration to many and her voice roused many hearts. Her performance was truly amazing. Lena sang with passion and love that can only be described as soul fulfilling. She may lack arms and half a leg but God has given her a gift and she is using it to inspire and touch the hearts of many. Our hearts were touched tonight.