Learning from The Rich Dad


The Rich Dad is in town and he wants to show you how to become rich like him. Robert Kiyosaki (the Rich Dad) is so rich he didn’t even have to come himself. Instead, his Rich Dada “Education Team” did all the teaching in a free two hour selling training session.

We showed up at the 12:30PM session because we knew it wouldn’t be as busy as the 6PM evening session. Richmond must have more retired people than I thought because the place was packed for an afternoon sessions. I’ve been to afternoon seminars for competing companies before and it was no where near this packed. Must be that Rich Dad branding (there’s a branding lesson you).

As expected, the training session is one big sales pitch for a three-day workshop on real estate investing. I can see why Rich Dad would be putting these workshops on now. With the amount sub prime loan defaults, now is as good time for the smart investors to go in and pick up all broken pieces.

The workshop cost $995 but if you sign up during the seminar, you can have it for only $495! Sounds like a good deal really. However, I still passed on it. The big thing I got out of the Rich Dad “training” session: You can make a lot of money putting on seminars!

Free Gift – How To Find Great Investments


As a thank you for sitting through a two hour sales pitches, everyone got a free Rich Dad audio CD on how to find great investments. They were lying on the table for anyone to grab so of course, I grabbed more than one. They told me one per person but then again, they also told me no pictures as well. 😈

If would like to grab my extra copy the Rich Dad’s audio CD so you can become rich, then reply to this post. I’ll pick a random winner Saturday. Good luck.