Last Day Of CES

Today is the last day of the 2006 CES. The CES this year is simply too big. I don’t think I have even seen 50% of the displays. At first I thought spreading the show across two convention centers was a good idea because it would help with some of the traffic congestion created by putting everything in one place. The problem was they really didn’t spread it. CES has gotten so big that second convention center was used as an expansion to hold more displays.

Last year, CES had 1.3 million net square foot of display space. This year, they have over 1.6 million square feet, hence the need for another convention center. Most of the stuff is still in the main Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The new Sands Expo only holds about 300,000 square feet of displays. Most people still hang out at the LVCC, so the traffic congestion remains. The new convention center has traffic problems as well because the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is also running there.

Last night we attended a reception with Sprint and then went to the Maximum PC party at the Ghost Bar. Last year Maximum PC held this party with their sister magazine, Mobile PC, but since then, Mobile PC has gone under. Like last year, the Maximum PC party had a “Spin to Win” wheel. The top prize this year was a Sony PSP. The wheel features 8 slots, with only one slot offering the PSP as a prize. The other prizes were a $100 Best Buy gift card and a USB knife. Last year, the top prize was an Apple iPod, which I won. This year’s spin of the wheel resulted in me getting the Sony PSP. Yes! I have won the top prize at Maximum PC for two years in a roll! Not only did I win the PSP but when Sarah went up to do her spin, she won one too! Now we can play PSP games against each other over Wi-Fi. Totally awesome!

After the Maximum PC party, we attended the Monster Cable party with Stevie Wonder. He put on a really good show and the Head Monster, Noel Lee, presented Stevie with a Monster Life Time Achievement Award. It may not be the most predigest award Stevie has won but it was for sure the heaviest. After the concert, which lasted till 12:30am, we went over to the Monster Jam after party to eat some food take in some cool jazz.