Last Chance To Join The Blog Masters Club

Blog Masters Club

I just got word from David Risley that his Blog Masters Club is closing at the end of today. At midnight tonight (EST), your chance to be personally coached by a long time six-figure professional blogger will be over and might not return again until 2010.

David knows his stuff. He has already generated over $100,000 in 2009 – with a tech blog, not a “make money” blog. But, I’ve got some even better news for you. David has told me about an additional bonus that he literally just added to his offer.

David will make available to his students a complete play-by-play account of the development of his main blog, He’s going to cover how he developed the blog into a site which today sees over 300,000 visitors per month and makes over six figures per year. David will show you the mistakes he made, and how he would do it differently today.

This is a complete case study to go along with the already ground-breaking material David has planned for this program. You won’t want to miss this. But, the clock is ticking. When it hit zero, membership to the Blog Masters Club will close.

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