Laptop Gamers February ’06 Results

February is over and here are the results for the Laptop Gamers case study for that month. The site did just a hair under 60,000 page views, which is more than double the page views it did for January. However, this shouldn’t be taken as an indication of super growth because the site was started on Jan. 15th.

Site revenue paints a very interesting story. Laptop Gamers has three revenue sources; Google AdSense, Vibrant Media IntelliTXT and TTZ Media Network shopping links. Here are the results of each for the month.

  • Google AdSense: $195.08
  • Vibrant IntelliTXT: $128.10
  • TTZ Media Network: $296.50
  • Total Internet Income: $619.68

For comparison, the site made $272.50 in January (14 days). Google performance in February was disappointing – the eCPM was well off the pace set in January. Had Google maintain the same rate it would have came close to matching the income from TTZ Media Network ads, and my goal of having the site do over $700 for the month would have been achieved.

Still, the results are encouraging. $619.68 total income from 60,000 page views works out to over $10.00 CPM. Very few sites have that kind of revenue potential. But even that is relative – while $10.00 CPM is great, The TechZone does far more than $10.00 CPM because it has access to direct advertisers and more revenue sources.

The goal for March is to have Laptop Gamers hit $800. I believe this can be achieve by some tweaking of the Google ad spots and the continued increase in traffic, which will be help by the fact that March has 31 days in it.