Laptop Gamers Case Study – Here’s Comes The Search Engines

Laptop Gamers was started a little over 2 weeks ago. The site has seen traffic go as high as 6,500 page views in one day thanks to a network of tech sites linking to it. At the beginning, nearly 100% of the traffic came from these outside links. The purpose of these links was not to drive traffic to the site (though it did do that). Having a bunch of backlinks from high Page Rank sites attracts the attention of the major search engines.

Where you rank on Google search is largely decided by how many high ranking pages link to you – the more pages the better. Because of the number of high quality technology based sites (mostly PR6 and PR7) linking to Laptop Gamers, Google has indexed every single page on the site. A check of Laptop Gamers referral data shows that Google went from zero to 15% of all Laptop Gamers referrals. This is unheard of for a site that has been up for just 2 weeks. 

Having your traffic coming from search engines instead of links from other sites have an impact on revenue as well. Readers coming from search are a lot more likely to click on an ads than readers coming from another site.

Laptop Gamer finished January with 31,000 page views and $112.50 of Google income. Income from TTZ Media Network and Vibrant Media brought the month total to $272.50. I expect to easily beat this for February.