La Casa Gelato International Ice Cream Factory

La Casa Gelato has been serving ice cream in the Vancouver lower mainland for over 34 years. As far as I know, they have more gelato flavors than any other ice cream factory. At any time, there are 238 flavors in the store, and they’ve created nearly 600 flavors since opening.

Pretty much any flavor of ice cream you can imagine, you’ll find at La Casa Gelato. You’re free to sample as many flavors as you like (within reason). From a marketing standpoint, offer too many options is never a good idea. When you overwhelm the customer with too many choices, often time they end up choosing nothing. However, too many choices is actually a feature at La Casa Gelatio. It’s part of the shop’s appeal.

What is not appealing is the lack of payment options. They only take cash and Interac. This is a famous Vancouver tourist attraction, and it doesn’t take credit cards! Talk about missing the boat. If they operated like this in the United State, I would assume they were a money laundering front.

At any rate, a trip to Vancouver should include a trip to La Casa Gelato. Just remember to bring some cash. If you forget your cash, then you can do what we did. Sample a bunch of flavors until you’re full. Then leave. That’ll teach them for not accepting credit cards.