Kumiko, Your Taxi Is Here


The latest cab to roll off the production line of Coventry firm LTI Vehicles isn’t so much back in black as pretty in pink.

The staff at the Holyhead Road manufacturer received an order for one of their new TX4 cabs but the London-based customer had one condition – it had to be in candyfloss pink.

Steve Everton the Cell Leader said: “We laughed when we first got the order but immediately got to work mixing the colours. We’re really pleased with the final result and it’s created a real stir in the factory. I dare say it will create a stir on the streets of London as well.”

This is the first pink cab the factory has every produced (will it be the last?). The cab joins the ranks of other famous pink cars, such as Lady Penelope’s FAB 1 and the pink Cadillac from the Clint Eastwood film of the same name.

From inspecting of the above photo, it looks like the interior is still taxi black. That’s good because while I don’t mind riding in a pink taxi, I draw the line on a pink interior! However, I’m sure Kumiko would love a pink taxi that is pink inside.

Source: Autoblog