Kontera WordPress Plugin Video

I’ve received a few emails asking how to install the Kontera context link code on a WordPress blog. With Kontera offering 100% revenue share this month to John Chow dot Com readers, the number of sign ups have been higher than normal, and so has the number of questions on how to integrate it into your blog.

The easiest way to add Kontera Content Link to a WordPress blog is with the official Kontera-Wordpress plugin. This easy to install plugin will take the dirty work out of adding the Kontera ad codes. Simply upload to your WordPress plugins folder and activate. Then, it’s just a matter of setting a few options and you’re ready to rock. Kontera even made this little tutorial video for those who need a little extra hand holding.

In addition to WordPress, Kontera also has plugins for Blogger, Durpal and Joomla. The 100% revenue share for the month of July is still going on right now. If you haven’t sign up for Kontera yet, now would be a great time to do so and take advantage of that 100% income stream.

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