Kontera Introduces Hybrid Ads


Kontera Technology has launched a new ad unit to help you make more money online. The Kontera Hybrid offers exciting new possibilities for users to interact with content and for publishers to enjoy greater user engagement and more income.

As you know, Kontera ContentLink ads make it possible for publishers to serve relevant ads upon user’s interaction. The new Kontera Hybrid takes In-Text to the next level by delivering contextually relevant content and advertising within a single unit. Kontera Hybrid features links to related articles, videos, and images related to a highlighted keyword within a site’s textual content. The Hybrid focuses on user-engagement by delivering related content, from the publisher’s site or the web, and has an optional advertising component.


When mousing over the keyword, the user is presented with a layer containing additional information related to the topic he or she is reading about. This In-Text layer offers related content from your own website, thus increasing your site’s stickiness. Additionally the Hybrid serves related content from the web, thus providing your users with more relevant information.

The Kontera Hybrid presents the reader with an all-in-one related information unit which encourages further exploration of your site, side by side with a contextually relevant ad that will generate additional revenues for you.

Kontera Hybrid is currently offered to select publishers only. If you’re already a Kontera publisher, ask your rep to see if you qualify. If you’re not yet a Kontera publisher, you need to apply for an account first.

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