Killer Writing Strategies

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I’ve previously mentioned that the best way to come up with ideas was to capture the ideas you already have. This seems common sense enough, and it seems like about half of you were already using those methods, while the other half are going to give them a try.

I also think that the best time to try something new is the moment you hear about it, while you’re still motivated, and it’s still fresh on your mind. If you put it off too much, you will have already made too many excuses in your mind as to why you shouldn’t do it, so you never will.

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” ~Buddha

I am going to present you with my very best writing strategies that I’ve personally used to become a prolific writer and I want you to dismiss all the ones you don’t like. However, whichever ones you think are a good idea, I want you to implement them today, and do them every single day for 30 days. That’s how you build a habit my friends.

Killer Writing Strategies

  1. Dedicated Time. Pick a writing time that you can stick to every day no matter what. Your mind and body will get used to this time, and you will always be in the mood to write. I pick 6am-8am because for me it is a distraction free time, and I’m done writing 1-4 articles before my day even starts.
  2. Target Destination. When you write in the same place each and every day you begin to associate it with creative flow. You will have words flow from your brain, through your fingers, and right onto your make money online dream. Let this be a special little place where you get writing done.
  3. Weapon of Choice. When writing, try to stick with the same writing instrument. If you use your laptop, stick to it, if you use a pen and paper, quit and start using a laptop. The point is, use the same tool every time so you feel comfortable with it.
  4. Turn Off The Lights. I do part of my writing right inside the WordPress Dashboard. However, I sometimes get distracted by e-mails, or clicking around checking stats. That’s when I know it’s time to turn off the lights and the best way to do that is with DarkRoom (free). A basic writing program with very few features that goes full screen and blocks out the world and let’s you just write.
  5. Headline Lists. I like to keep a NotePad open where I keep a list of article ideas in the form of headlines. I put them in there as soon as I get them and refer back there whenever I’m looking to get started with my writing. The list is overflowing with great ideas, so I can’t imagine myself not having an idea to write about.
  6. Kill People. Seriously, throw a hatchet at them if they try to talk to you when you’re writing (Disclaimer: Do not kill anyone unless they are trying to kill you or someone you love, and only if there is no other way to stop them.) An easier alternative is to pick a time and place where people won’t bug you, turn off your phone, and isolate yourself. It takes too much time to get into a state of flow, just to be interrupted by anything and lose it.
  7. Write or Die. The whole notion of you having nothing to write about is a self-limiting belief. You have enough information in your mind in order to unleash it on the ‘net in the form of blogging diarrhea and never be strapped for something to write about. So make a rule that whenever you say to yourself ”I have nothing to write about” slap yourself across the face because that’s a lie.
  8. Turn Off The Lights, Again. This form of turning off the lights is a little different. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and sit there in silence. Let your mind think of nothing for 15 minutes. Examine the ideas that come into your mind, and than block them again to concentrate on nothing. This is called meditation my friends, and if you think it’s a joke, than you’re a joke. This is the number one tool for getting your head straight, so give it a try. Don’t stop after one session, do it every day to see real results.
  9. Ideas First, Grammar Second. Your ideas are what’s valuable, and the way you present them takes a back seat to that. This means that when you’re writing, you want to vomit your ideas all over the screen first, so you don’t miss a single important point.
  10. Prettify. One’s your ideas are all out onto the word processor, it’s time to go back and revise. Make the grammar correct, make the ideas flow, and make your writing as interesting to read by adding play on words and little personal stories.
  11. Health and Fitness. You might not realize this, but your fog of brain, or lack of ability to write, might be due to your mind and body not functioning optimally. Make sure you are drinking insane amounts of water. You’ll know it’s enough when you pee more than you have to. Make sure you do cardio that gets your heart pumping. I don’t have to tell you to eat right, do I? Ok, eat right, and watch as your mind becomes more focused.
  12. Switch It Up. Sometimes when you’re really in a jam and can’t write, than it’s time to change the writing time, the writing scenery, and the writing tools. Yes, it’s actually okay to do this, and could leave you with many more ideas than you bargained for.

Now that I’ve gone over my writing techniques you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start writing, right? Well, maybe, but I’m afraid if I leave you here, you’re going to not have an idea, and end up slapping yourself all over the place (see number 7 above). This is why I have a post coming up here for Creating the Best Ideas in The Land, so stay tuned and subscribe. 😈