KAL First Class Flight To From LAX To Seoul Korea


The nonstop flight from Los Angeles LAX to Seoul Korea ICN takes a whopping 14 hours. Most people would dread spending 14 hours on a plane. However, it’s something to look forward to if you’re flying Korean Air (KAL) First Class. You already seen what the First Class lounge looks like. Now let’s look at the flight.

The KAL Flight 12 First Class Cabin

There are only 12 first class seats on the lower deck of KAL Airbus A380. On my flight, only eight seats were occupied. That allowed me to take up two seats. One seat for work, and the other to turned into a bed to sleep. They even gave me KAL pajamas so I would get a restful sleep. Other features include a toiletry kit, BOSE Quiet Comfort headphones, and enough charging ports for all the tech toys.






Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

It just wouldn’t be a first class flight without champagne and caviar. The main chicken course was pretty good too.






Blogging From The KAL Lounge In Seoul

I’m making this blog post from the KAL First Class Lounge in Seoul. The lounge is much bigger than the First Class lounge in LAX. That means it has two stations for the cup of noodles! As you can see, once again, I am the only person here. Doesn’t anyone fly First Class anymore?